Robust Vocabulary
     Vocabulary instruction at North Allegheny focuses on three types of vocabulary: Sight words, Decodable vocabulary and "Robust Vocabulary". This third type of word is taught with the intent to enrich and expand our children's oral vocabulary and comprehension. These words are presented within the context of a read aloud story. The weekly lessons are designed to expand the students' basic understanding of each word. Students are given multiple opportunities to use these words in different contexts throughout the weekly lesson activities. You will note that these words are "above grade-level in reading".
    Lesson 1 bothered  distance  form  attention  perform  supportive
    Lesson 2 escape  fright  nearby  cram  solution  strategy
    Lesson 3 especially memorize  sensed  capacity  haul  proud
    Lesson 4 ambled  politely  pouted  considerate  routine  unexpected
    Lesson 5 horrible  invigorated  presented  aid  persistent  sweltering
    Lesson 6 commotion  muffle  overflowing  locate  search  symbol
    Lesson 7 chorus  odor  shoved  assemble  consume  enthusiastic
    Lesson 8 applauded chatty  gather  duty  envy  resent
    Lesson 9 claimed  dine  groaned  function  nutritious  classify
    Lesson 10 ashamed  mused  soared  athletic  awkward  superb
    Lesson 11 nuzzled  pranced  raging  adapt  intriguing  inhabit
    Lesson 12 reward  handsomely  cruel  greedy  consequences  regret
    Lesson 13 astonishing  continue  doubt  transform  examine  devour
    Lesson 14 approached  energetic  pace  blunder  reassure  excel
    Lesson 15 cozily  interrupted triumphantly  accomplishment  ambition  admire
    Lesson 16 captured  mercy  struggling  compatible  amiable  relax
    Lesson 17 agreement unnoticed  unthinkable  rejoice predicament  extraordinary
    Lesson 18 bulged  jostled  argue  command  labored  wary
    Lesson 19 courteous  devious  rapidly  unreasonable  gullible  hastily
    Lesson 20 grumbling  chided  realized  bitterly  dwelling  amusement
    Lesson 21 sympathy  sensitive  devoted  alarmed  mysterious  overjoyed
    Lesson 22 incident  gradual  downpour  seek  oblivious  indecisive
    Lesson 23 asserted  offended  retorted  congenial  congregate  cheerful
    Lesson 24 pleased  joy  stammered  puzzling  probing  unrelenting
    Lesson 25 deserve  usually  peaceful  variety  incredible  typical
    Lesson 26 fondly  pale  shadowy  imaginative  similar  affectionate
    Lesson 27 quivered  wailed  scattered  elated  lonesome  hopeless
    Lesson 28 property  familiar arrived  anticipate  numerous  vibrant
    Lesson 29 wriggle  prickly interested cooperative  construct  assist
    Lesson 30 tiresome  seized  tremendous  patient  exhausted  outrageous