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    focus logo   NASH Student Help Desk
    Click the icon below to access the Technology Service Desk.
    Students must complete the online ticket at the Service Desk Portal BEFORE coming to the student help desk.
    In the event that you are unable to use your laptop to place your service request, please use a computer in the library or your personal device (e.g. cell phone) to fill out the service request form. If none of these options are available, please use the kiosk located in the student help desk office. 
    • Location:
    • Hours: 7:00 AM to 2:30 PM
    • Technician: Mr. Jonathan Douglas
     Note: If you are having an issue with your laptop please try restarting before requesting service. In some cases, restarting the laptop is all that is needed to correct the problem.
    You may visit the NASH Student Help Desk during the school day, but you MUST have a pass from your teacher.
    Software Requests and Website Unblock Requests
    All requests for software and website access must be submitted to the IT department by a faculty or staff member. Students should contact their teacher or other faculty member for any requests.

    Loaner Power Adapters
    Loaner Laptops and Power Adapters are available in the event of a problem with your laptop or charger. Building administration has given IT direction to not loan out laptops or chargers in the case that one is forgotten at home or has not been charged. Laptops are to be fully charged and brought to school every day. There are no exceptions to this rule.