Frequently Asked Questions for 3rd Grade
    How will I know what my child's homework will be?
       Each child will have an assignment notebook in 3rd grade.  Your son/daughter will use their assignment book every day.  At the end of class, we’ll write down any assignments or information to be passed along to you.  At the end of the day, we will spend quite a bit of time going over what should be written in the books.  I will randomly (or not so randomly) spot check assignment books for the rest of the year to be sure that they are filled in completely.  To insure that any information is being communicated to you, we will ask that you sign or initial the assignment book each night.    If there is no homework in a particular subject the students will be writing in the word “None” so you are aware that no homework was assigned. 
       Homework will also be posted on my website at the end of each day.  Please check the website often to double check assignment notebooks and ensure your child is keeping up to date with upcoming tests!
    How much homework will be assigned each night?
    While the time required to complete homework will only increase by about roughly 10 minutes a night, more responsibility will be required on your child’s part to complete homework.  Each night, you can usually expect math homework.  Any other assignments will be sporadic:  Social Studies and Science homework is rare, and is usually more centered on studying for a test than anything.  While each child is different, the average should be about 30 minutes a night spent on homework.  Some students are very efficient and make good use of their time in school (completing spelling homework while waiting to switch classes, etc.) and will have little to no homework to complete at home.    If your student is consistently spending more than 30 minutes a night, please note whether they are spending more time because they need a quieter place to work at home, whether they could be making better use of their time at school, or whether they are having trouble understanding a subject or concept.  This can help us to help them.
    How will I see my child's grades, assignments, and keep up to date on what they are doing each day?
     Please be sure to check the TylerSIS gradebook often.  This is where you can see your child's grades for each subject.  Keep up to date on important events with our school through the Peebles website and I will be updating my website often throughout the year for both you and your child to use often!
    Your child's primary means of showing you their work will be found in their "Peebles Take Home Folder".  The take home folder can really help your child to stay organized with assignments and with notes going to and from home.  The side of the folder marked “Take Home” will contain papers that are to be brought home and can stay home.  Aside from study guides which come home before a test and will need to be reviewed, generally no action needs to be taken with papers in the “Take Home” side.  Please clean this side out each night.  The other side is labeled “Return to School”.  On this side you will find homework or papers that need to be completed, signed, and returned to school.  Whenever a paper is sent home throughout the year, the students are given clear instructions as to which side to put them in.  
    What if my child does not complete an assignment? 
     An assignment slip is sent home with your child if they do not turn in their homework on or before the due date.  Please sign and return this slip with the completed homework the following day.  Again, you will find this in your child's folder if there is something they need to return.  I also keep a "Homework Binder" in the classroom where the students will write if they miss an assignment.  If missing homework becomes an issue, I will be sure to contact you directly.
    How will my child celebrate his/her birthday?
       Each child will receive a special present from me for their birthday!  If a birthday falls in the summer, towards the end of the year they will also receive their gift!  We will be sure to sing "Happy Birthday" to them as well!  Keep in mind our school policy with food items and send in non-edible treats if you and your child wish to do so! 
    A note about supplies:
       Thank you for stocking your child up at the beginning of the school year with supplies from our supply list.  The binders labeled ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Other will help to keep your child organized throughout the year!  Believe it or not, the most common supply that we will need replenished is PENCILS!  When in doubt, send in a few pencils from home with your child.  They can always use them as many of them are found on the floor at the end of the day! :) 
     How to earn "bucks" in 3rd grade:
     Students have many opportunities throughout the day to earn "bucks".  They can earn money for going above and beyond, for being a good listener, answering a difficult question, helping others , and many other things.  Once they have saved $10, they will get to decide whether they would like to pick from the prize box, sit in a special seat for the day, or have a non-tangible reward like bringing in a stuffed animal or getting to sit by a friend!
    Our Class Sticker Chart:
    In 3A, we have a class sticker chart.  Once our chart is full, the students will vote on a class reward!  I will be sure to send home information about our class reward choice.  Your child can keep you posted on how many more stickers they have to go before a reward!