• Second Grade

    Below is our class homework and daily communication sheet!  Each child will get a new weekly homework sheet each Monday to keep in the left-hand side of their folder for the entire week. They will be responsible for recording any homework, special events, or reminders each day before they return home.  Please check this sheet nightly, and include your initials or parent-signature (PS) next to the appropriate day of the week to indicate your child completed work assigned for that day!  

    Students will also keep track of their daily behavior by coloring the corresponding color of their day in the bottom row.  A key for our color-code is included at the very bottom for your reference.  Each day, all of the students will begin their day on Green!  If more than one warning needs to be given for a particular hiccup in your child's day, then they will move to Yellow.  Beyond two warnings, a child moves to Orange and may lose some recess time.  Any repeated behaviors will result in Red and a phone call home in order to discuss plans for positive reinforcement and improvement!

    Each child is unique and different in their own way!  My expectation for my classroom will be based on individual learners' needs.  The beginning of the school-year is always more flexible as I get to know each student's special qualities.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns that you may have!  

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