• Classroom Stars

    What Is Star of the Week?
    Star of the Week is an opportunity for students to share about themselves with their classmates.

    Why have Star of the Week?
    Having each student share about him or herself helps to build community in our classroom. It is also a way for students in our class to learn more about each other and each others' families.

    Who Is the Star of the Week?
    Each week during the school year, one student will be the "Star".

    What does my child need for Star of the Week?

     A "Newspaper" will be sent home a week prior to being the the STAR.  Please complete and send in for Monday.

    Feel free to choose some items from each of the following categories to bring to school to share with our class. These items will be shared in class on Monday and will be displayed in the classroom during the week. All items will be returned on Friday.

    Star of the Week Categories:



    *Pets –If you don’t have any pets, choose your favorite animal and share a photo, illustration, or stuffed version of that animal.

    *Favorite Place­­

    *Favorite Food –You may bring in an empty box for items such as cereal, pasta, etc.

    *Favorite Thing to Do -You may bring in a baseball, ballet shoes, etc., for this item.

    *Favorite Book

    *Favorite Movie –You may bring in the case of the DVD to display.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019