• Hello, college admissions representatives!  We are excited to have you visit with our North Allegheny Senior High School students and counselors.  You will have the opportunity to provide small group presentations to our interested students hosted by one of our counselors.  

    We now use RepVisits via Naviance to book our rep visits.   College representatives looking to schedule a visit, please use https://counselorcommunity.com   

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS LINK IS NOT FOR MILITARY RECRUITERS.  If you are a military recruiter, please contact Christine Galbraith at 724-934-7224 to set up your visit.  If you book thorugh RepVisits, it will not be accepted.

    College representatives, if the day you are seeking is full or you are having issues with scheduling your visit, please contact Christine Galbraith at 724-934-7224.  We look forward to meeting with you.