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    focus logo   2015-2016 (Year 1) Professional Development

    North Allegheny's professional development efforts are led by Mrs. Karyn Dobda, Coordinator of Online Learning and Professional Development and Dr. Tammy Andreyko, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Advancement. Professional development is a focal area of the District because effective professional development for teachers has an enormous impact on teaching and learning. Teachers must experience sustained and high quality professional development experiences for improved learning outcomes to be realized.

    Research from the International Society of Technology Education (ISTE) also reveals that high quality professional development is job-embedded, personalized, and designed to promote skill transfer. Professional learning experiences must respond to teachers’ interests, needs, and classroom settings. In many cases, these types of learning experiences can extend beyond the traditional school in-service setting to include webinars, Twitter chats, and other virtual experiences. This type of dynamic instruction helps both teachers and students alike. Research reports that teachers who use technology frequently place the highest emphasis on using technology to promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. For these reasons, North Allegheny School District strives to provide a variety of the highest quality professional development opportunities to our staff.

    Based on the Spring 2016 BrightBytes survey, 35% of North Allegheny teachers are spending more than 17 hours in technology related professional development; this percentage doubled from two years ago.  The amount of professional development teachers participate in is important because research  shows that 14 hours of high quality professional development on a single topic is needed before the effect is statistically significant.  Forty-six percent (46%) of teachers report the quality of professional development as excellent or above average.
    Dr. Tammy Andreyko
    Dr. Tammy Andreyko

    Mrs. Dodba
    Mrs. Karyn Dobda
     NA Teacher Time Spent in Professional Development
    NA Teacher Time in PD Graph
    Solid bars represent 2016 data, Striped bars represent 2014 data 
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    Professional Development for Teachers
    Technology Integrators and Embedded Professional Development

    One of the key components identified by the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) that enhances a successful migration to a 1:1 environment is the addition of Technology Integrators into the schools. These individuals bridge the gap between technology, classroom, and students. Teaching in a 1:1 environment requires the acquisition of a new skill set for many teachers. Technology Integrators provide embedded professional development for educators

    All of North Allegheny Technology Integrators are certified teachers who also possess a robust technology skill set. They are experts in how to effectively utilize technology in the classroom. Technology Integrators work directly with teachers acting as a coaches to navigate a technology-rich environment. Integrators co-teach and co-plan with the teachers, while also serving as a resource to the Information Technology Department as software and applications are selected and implemented. The integrators routinely work with building principals to set building-level goals for technology and to coordinate building-level operational issues. It is not uncommon for Technology Integrators to also work directly with students, helping them to gain new confidence in the use of devices through the acquisition of new technological skill sets.

     Meet North Allegheny's Team of Integrators
     NA Integrators
    Front Row: Mrs. Christy Franck (BWE, MES), Mrs. Dana Oliver (NASH), Ms. Laura Senneway (FES, IES, HES)
    Back Row: Mr. Tony Gentile (IMS/MMS), Mr. Tom Ward (CMS, BWE), Mr. Matt Heckmann (MCK, PES), Mrs. Jordan Cotten (NAI)
    Not Shown:  Mr. Chuck Samek (Subtitute MES)
    2015 Summer Workshops - (23 sessions and 300 attendees)
    In the summer of 2015 the District offered  a series of 3-hour workshops on a variety of technology topics. Summer offerings included:
    • Activinspire I: How to use the Interactive Boards/Projectors with Activinspire
    • Activinspire II: Creating Lessons in Activinspire
    • Blackboard I: Content Building Plus Calendars and Announcements
    • Blackboard II: Tools for Interactivity and Assessments
    • Google I: Google Tools and Sharing
    • Google II: Add-Ons and Apps
    • How to Flip Your Classroom
    • Introduction to iPad Apps (Notability, Explain Everything, Doink, Google Drive)
    • Online Tools for Formative Assessment (Plickers, Kahoot, Socrative, Google Forms, Nearpod)
    2015-2016 After School Workshops(23 sessions and 237 attendees)
    After School Workshops are 90-minute professional development activities on targeted topics. Teachers from any building are welcome to attend any after school workshop. Some workshops occur at specific buildings while others are held in the professional development classroom at Marshall Middle School. Workshops offered this year included:
    • Blackboard Assessments: Tests, Survey, and Assignments
    • Blackboard Basics (for Middle School Teachers)
    • Blackboard Basics (NAI and NASH teachers)
    • Blackboard: The Bigger Picture
    • Explain Everything App for iPad
    • Getting to Know Google Drive
    • Google Forms and Add-ons
    • Google Forms for Formative Assessment
    • Inspiring Students to Create! Bringing Multimedia Projects into your Classroom
    • iPad Resources for the Elementary Classroom
    • Lesson Development: Seamless Technology Integration
    • Nearpod for the Elementary and Middle School Classrooms
    • Nearpod, Learn More About
    • Technology Project Ideas for Ending the School Year
    • Two of my Favorite Apps: Green Screening and QR Codes
    • Using Book Creator App
    • Web-based Tools for the High School Classroom

    2015-2016 Traditional Full-Day Workshops - (11 sessions and 171 attendees)
    Professional development workshops are optional full-day training sessions for staff and are offered during the school day; sessions are typically led by North Allegheny staff. Class-sizes are limited to 18 participants; to accommodate as many staff as possible. Staff may not take more than two workshops per year.  
    • Blackboard: Basics of Building a Course
    • Blackboard: Beyond the Basics: Using Tests, Assessments and, Discussion Boards
    • Building Teacher Webpage with SchoolWires
    • Creating Engaging Lessons with ActivInspire: Interactive Whiteboard software
    • Different...Not More: Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom
    • Flipped Classroom
    • Formative Assessment with Web-Based Tools and Apps
    • Full STEAM Ahead! Creating STEAM Experiences for the Elementary Classroom
    • Google Drive I: Creating and Sharing Resources
    • Google Drive II: Using Add-ons, Apps, and Extensions
    • Learning to Code with code.org
    2015-2016 Tech Chats
    Tech Chats are casual building-based professional development activities that range from 20-40 minutes on a specific technology that may be new to a building or has been requested by the building staff.  The goal of a Tech Chat is to increase awareness of tools and/or features, but not necessarily to provide in-depth instruction on the topic being shared.
  • ActiveInspire
  • Blackboard Assessments
  • Blackboard Basics (Adding Content)
  • Blackboard/Notability Paperless Assignments
  • Blackboard: Collaborate 
  • Blackboard: Discussion Boards
  • Blackboard: Getting Ready for Next Year
  • Blackboard: Interactive Rubrics
  • Blackboard: What’s New / Tips & Tricks
  • Blended Learning & Personalized Learning
  • Blended Learning Models
  • BlendSpace
  • Book Creator
  • Creating Multimedia
  • Designing Lessons for “The PLACE”
  • Discovering Apps & Websites for Learning
  • Epson Whiteboard Training
  • Explain Everything
  • File Organization
  • Google Drive
  • Google Forms
  • Green screen/Do Ink
  • iMovie trailers
  • Interactive, Collaborative, Online Texts
  • iPad Apps for Elementary
  • iPad Cart and iPad Procedures
  • Kahoot!
    • Nearpod Basics
    • Nearpod Features
    • Nearpod Next Steps
    • Notability
    • Osmo
    • Padlet
    • Pages
    • Plickers
    • Puzzlets/Makey Makeys
    • QR Codes
    • Quizizz
    • Quizlet
    • Raz Kids
    • Reflector
    • SAMR: Above the Line
    • SAMR: Refresher
    • Socrative
    • Spelling City
    • Study Island
    • Swivl Cam
    • Symbaloo
    • ThingLink
    • TowerMetrix
    • Twitter
    • Virtual Field Trip
    • Zaption

    Professional Development for Principals and Administrators
    Commitment and high expectations for principals are mirrored by teachers. Therefore administrators must be equally engaged in the implementation of FOCUS 2020.  For a successful technology initiative, ongoing professional development for school leaders is equally as important as the need for teacher professional development. Leading a technology-transformed school calls for different skills than those needed in a traditional school. To set expectations and provide support, leaders must develop insights and skills so that robustly infused technology can create a teaching and learning environment that is dynamic, systematic, and natural. To that end, building and district level administrators have participated in professional development sessions on the following topics:
    • Understanding the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) and Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Models
    • Looking for SAMR
    • App Slam: Nearpod, Notability, and Thinglink
    • Creating a Presentation Using Nearpod
    • STEM/STEAM Tools: Introduction to Makey-Makey and Osmo
    Opportunities for Students
    Sixth, ninth, and tenth grade students participated in “Digital Boot Camps”  to be oriented to their devices. The boot camps were mandatory for students and held during the school day.  Below are links to the boot camp presentations.