• Gifted Advisory Committee  

    2018 / 2019 GAC Meetings and Locations: 

    October 9:         1:00 PM Central Administrative Offices Board Room
    November 13:   1:00 PM Central Administrative Offices Board Room
    March 19:          1:00 PM Central Administrative Offices Board Room
    April 9:               1:00 PM Central Administrative Offices Board Room

    Gifted Advisory Committee By-Laws 

    The Vision Statement of the North Allegheny Gifted Advisory Committee is to promote and advocate for an exemplary gifted program at all levels (in accordance with Chapter 16 Regulations) providing a learning environment in which divergent strengths and higher level thinking skills are enriched through collaboration, systemic problem-solving and communication.

    A.     Goals

    The goals of the Gifted Advisory Committee are:

    1.        To provide, maintain, and improve the dissemination of information on research-based and innovative practices in gifted education to parents and school staff.

    2.        To identify systemic issues that affect the delivery of gifted education services and have District-wide impact through discussion and recommend possible resolutions.

    3.        To provide communication opportunities between the representatives of NAPAGE and District staff.

    B.     Composition

    1.         Standing members of the Gifted Advisory Committee will be the Director of Student Services, Coordinator of Special Education, Gifted Support Master Teacher, one member representing the Assistant Superintendent’s Office, President of NAPAGE, Vice-President of NAPAGE, and two other NAPAGE Executive Board Members.

    2.        Parent representatives on the Gifted Advisory Committee will be appointed by NAPAGE and include one per elementary and middle school buildings and two per high school buildings.

    3.         Other members of the Gifted Advisory Committee shall be one principal representative from each of the elementary and secondary level, one regular education teacher from each level (elementary, middle, secondary); one gifted support teacher from each of the following levels:  elementary, middle, intermediate (9 – 10), and senior high levels (11 – 12), one school counselor, one school psychologist, and one school board member.

    4.         Alternate members will be appointed or assigned by either NAPAGE or the District.

    C.     Term

    1.         All members shall serve a term of two years beginning the 2012 – 2013 school year.

    2.        A member who has served one term may serve additional terms based on the committee’s needs.

    3.         Any vacancy which occurs on the committee during the term shall be appointed by NAPAGE and/or the District.

    D.        Member Responsibilities

    1.         Each member will share the work of the committee with the group they represent.

    2.         Each member will be respectful of others’ opinions.

    3.        Prior to bringing a concern/issue to the Gifted Advisory Committee, Chain of Command will be followed.

    E.         Procedures

    In order to facilitate the smooth operation of the Gifted Advisory Committee, the following procedures shall be adopted:

    1.         Regular meetings will be held during October and April.  A combined meeting with the Gifted Advisory Committee and Chapter 14 Committee will be scheduled during the month of February.  These meetings will be scheduled in advance on the District calendar before the close of the previous school year.  In agreement with the District and NAPAGE Officers, a formal meeting of GAC may be scheduled on an as needed basis.

    2.         The Director of Student Services or his/her designee will attend a minimum of two NAPAGE meetings per year.  District representatives will attend the NAPAGE meetings upon invitation.

    3.        Minutes will be disseminated via an e-mail reminder one week in advance of the next scheduled meeting.

    4.        In the monthly meeting reminder, the Gifted Support Secretary will ask members to respond to the e-mail if they are unable to attend the meeting.

    5.        The general public may attend and observe the Gifted Advisory Committee meetings at the discretion of the Standing Committee.

    6.         Topics will be generated for future planning at the April meeting.

    7.         Monthly meetings with NAPAGE officers will be held to address Consumer Concerns with District representatives.  The meeting can be cancelled with agreement of the District and NAPAGE Officers.

    8.         The Consumer Concerns format will consist of the following four criteria:  Date of Issue, Concern Summary, Answer/Resolution Action Taken, and Date of Resolution.

    9.         Regarding inclement weather, the following guidelines will prevail:

    a.   In the event of a two-hour delay, the Gifted Advisory Committee meeting will be held as originally scheduled.

    b.  In the event that school is cancelled, the Gifted Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for that date will be cancelled. 

    c.   In the case of developing inclement weather on the day of a meeting, notification of a cancellation will be sent via e-mail or contact the GOAL Office (412-635-4130) for confirmation.

    10.     Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall serve as a basis for parliamentary procedure at all    meetings of the committee.

    11.     All new members will receive an electronic copy of the Gifted Advisory Committee By-Laws.

    F.         Structure of the Meeting

    1.         An agenda will be created following Robert’s Rules of Order Revised.

    2.         Presentations by committee members or outside presenters/guests will be placed on the agenda and will be followed by a questions/answer period for committee members.

    3.        “Standing Old Business” will include Consumer Concerns. 

    Revised on May 14, 2013

    Reviewed on October 8, 2013