• We love using technology throughout our Health and Physical Education classes! Below, you can see a few of the apps we use throughout our lessons --- from going inside the human body to helping us cool down and recover in a safe manner. The best part is, you can get most of these for FREE!!!

    "The Human Body" by Tinybop Inc.
    This app lets us explore some of the different systems inside of our bodies in an exciting and interactive way. We can watch the heart and lungs work together to move oxygen throughout the body while we are running, or we can see how the nervous system sends a pain signal to the brain when we get stung by a bee. There are so many new things to learn!
     humanbody humanbody   humanbody   humanbody  
    "Explore the Heart in 3d" by Sify Technologies Limited
    This app lets us explore and manipulate the human heart in three dimensions. We can change the amount of fat in the blood and watch how it alters blood flow, swivel around and view the heart from all angles, or learn about arteriosclerosis and why it occurs.  It's fun to look at the most important muscle in our bodies in a new way!
    3dheart 3dheart 3dheart 3dheart
     "Sworkit" by Nexercise
    This app gives us access to a full library of exercises; from upper body to lower body, and cardiorespiratory to yoga. We can follow along with an existing workout or create our own, and the app leads us through it with clips of the movements and a timer to keep track. We like to create our own yoga/stretching workout to help us cool down at the end of an awesome HPE class!
     sworkit  sworkit  sworkit sworkit