• The Kids of STEEL Program
    Kids of STEEL is an exercise and nutrition program designed to motivate children to pursue quality nutrition and an active lifestyle by incorporating physical activity and healthy eating habits into their daily routine. Participants choose one of three training plans (Toddler Trot, Kids Marathon or 5K) and work on the appropriate goals.
    During the training period children will do the following things: Complete physical activity and nutrition goals based on the selected training plan; Learn the benefits of setting a goal, training and achieving that goal; Track activity and nutrition goals on a training log and turn it in for a finisher prize.

    Signing up for the Kids of STEEL Program is FREE, but it is those who cannot attend one of the races that takes place on Saturday, May 2nd. If you choose to sign up for one of the races, the Kids of STEEL program is included in the registration process.

    If you are signing your child up for the Kids of STEEL Program (and not for a race) because of a financial hardship, please email me at mcrawford@northallegheny.org to discuss additional options.