• 8th Grade GOAL Chesapeake Bay Trip - May 20-22, 2020


    This 8th Grade GOAL Individualized Option (I.O.) provides a unique opportunity for students to experience life in a totally different environment, and from a different perspective, while learning about the issues that face the residents of the Chesapeake Bay.  If your child participates, he/she will travel to a unique community on the Chesapeake Bay, either Tylerton, MD, which is located on Smith Island, or to Port Isobel, near Tangier, VA.  We will study at facilities that are provided by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) at these locations.
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    While there, we will study the relationship between Economics and the Environment.  The students will learn, first-hand, about the watermen and women of the Chesapeake Bay and their struggle to survive and retain their lifestyle in a changing world.  We will study the relationship between the activities of those of us who live “up-wind” and “up-stream” and the ecology of the Bay.  We will also study the marine environment of the Chesapeake Bay, especially the life cycle of the blue crab and the oyster.  The emphasis is on the economy of the Chesapeake Bay water communities and how they are affected by environmental and cultural issues.

    Request for Medication Administration Form (required if sending prescriptions with your student)
    Be at IMS no later than 4:45am to check-in!  The bus will leave at 5:00am.
    We will return to IMS around 7:30pm in the evening on Day Three.  Please arrange for a ride to pick you up at that time. 
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