• K - 2 After School Soccer Reminders 2015


    1.   The dismissal procedure will be the same as normal dismissal.  Students will use the walker dismissal numbers and be dismissed accordingly.


    2.   Our main goal and focus is on participation, skill improvement, sportsmanship, and fair play.


    3.   While the after school matches are for student attendance only, parents are invited on two dates to view their child’s skill development in soccer on December 14th and December 16th.


    4.  Early dismissal from practice and/or late arrival to practice cannot be granted.


    5.   Students that need to reschedule must provide a note with the reason and the date they will make up their match.


    6.   There will be four teams and a total of twelve games will be scheduled.  Each student will play on six dates.


    7.   Mr. Seneca will serve as the school liaison and work hand and hand with Ms. Hedderman and Mr. O’Connor.


    8.   Please contact Mr. Seneca at 412 400-9114 or pseneca@northallegheny.org with any questions or concerns.


    9.  Students will be expected to observe rules in compliance with GOLDEN TIGER BEHAVIOR.

    10. Students will be warned of any behavioral violations and after a third violation, a student may have to sit out a match.


    11. Poor behavior choices and/or unsafe behavior can result in removal from the soccer program.


    12. No records will be kept and no championship will be determined.


    13.  Students will receive sports cards for scoring goals or exhibiting cooperative team play and demonstrating good sportsmanship.


    14.  No older or younger siblings will be permitted to stay during after school programs.


Last Modified on October 22, 2015