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     Usage and Responsible Use

    As a part of FOCUS 2020 students in grades 6, 7, and 9-12 have been assigned either an iPad (Grades 6 and 7) or a laptop (Grades 9-12) to us, this District device is designed to be the student’s personal learning device. As is the case with all technology used at or owned by North Allegheny, students are governed under the rules and regulations covered in North Allegheny's Acceptable Use Policy found in the North Allegheny School District Code of Conduct.

    Inappropriate use of a District issued laptop or iPad could result in disciplinary action, as outlined in the Code of Conduct. In addition to the Responsible Use policy, the following guidelines also apply:

    • Students may configure additional personal email accounts on the device, but email content resides on the device and will be subject to these rules and regulations.
    • Mobile device management software and profiles may not be removed from the device.
    • "Jailbreaking" the device results in the loss of the Apple warranty and is a violation of the terms of use. Using a jail-broken device on the North Allegheny network is not allowed.
    • It is expected that students will have their laptop or iPad available each day for class, and that it is charged at home daily.

    Laptop computer and iPads are to be returned as received, except normal wear and tear as determined by the District, when a student withdraws from the District or when requested by any school District official. The North Allegheny School District Responsible Computer, Telecommunications, and Information Technology Use North Allegheny School Board Policy #224.1 applies to all students and staff using laptop computers and iPads, regardless of location. The assignment and use of a laptop computer is considered to be a privilege. Inappropriate use or neglect of a laptop computer, sleeve, charger, the Internet and/or any installed software could result in the loss of laptop computer privileges. Loss of privileges will not change classroom expectations and/or assignment completion.


    Data Backup
    Students are responsible for maintaining a backup of all data on the laptop or iPad, either by using your District Google account or another means such as a flash drive.  North Allegheny School District is not responsible for data loss in the event of a device failure or malfunction.