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    It may be called a mini-society, but we’re in for a MIGHTY year!
          In 5th grade GOAL, we are developing a Mini-SocietyMini-Society is an experienced-based unit, which creates an environment where students can experience economic concepts, establish their own society, print their own money, open their own businesses and live with the consequences of their own actions within the society.  Your child may keep business records, write advertisements, make bank transactions, write a newspaper, or invest in insurance.  The unit helps children understand economic principles such as scarcity, opportunity cost, cost-benefit analysis, supply and demand, inflation, competition, and monopoly.

          In addition to the economic learning involved in the unit, there are several side benefits.  The children will exercise their critical thinking skills as they try to find creative and workable solutions to the numerous problems that occur in any society.  Each child will have a voice in the decision-making process through the daily debriefing sessions where both oral and written communication skills will be enhanced as they reflect upon the day’s events.  It is my hope that the students will become eager to learn more about our government and how it operates both economically and legislatively.

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