About Study Island:


    • Students can access the program by simply logging on to www.studyisland.com, where they will find each topic organized with a lesson, assessment questions, and explanations. In order to complete the program, students must take the pretest, complete the content groups, and master the post test.
    • Students build confidence in their understanding of the Assessment Anchors.
    • Study Island is completely Web-based. Students can access Study Island and learn at their own pace. There is no software to download or install; all you need is an Internet connection.
    • Not only are there several thousand questions in the Study Island program, but each question constantly changes. The answers to the multiple-choice questions rotate positions, and the numbers in the math questions are chosen randomly, resulting in a deeper understanding of the concepts, as opposed to memorization of the answers.


    How to Access Study Island:


      1. Open Google Chrome
      2. In the Address bar, type www.studyisland.com
      3. Click Login in the top right corner.
      4. Click Login under Study Island for Schools.
      5. Username: na and student ID (lunch code) (EXAMPLE: na123456) Password: tigers1
      6. Click on PA Programs and select 5th Grade
      7. Select a Subject: click on Math(PA Core)-Edition 2 or ELA(PA Core)-Edition 2
      8. Select a topic to study
      9. Choose Lesson, Practice Mode, or Game Mode
      10. Enjoy!


Last Modified on August 31, 2021