• Miss Palmer’s

    Course Syllabus



    Course Title:  Pre-Algebra – Essentials, Academic and Advanced

    Grade Level(s):  7 and 6


    Course Description: (from North Allegheny School District course syllabus)

    In Pre- Algebra, students develop the concepts needed to prepare for Algebra 1.  The Pre-Algebra curriculum provides a strong foundation in algebra while also preparing students for future study in areas of geometry, probability, and data analysis.  The curriculum has a strong focus on algebraic concepts and reasoning, solving of equations and inequalities, and geometry.


    Course Outline: (from North Allegheny School District course syllabus)

    • Chapter 1: Variables, Expressions, and Integers
    • Chapter 2: Solving Equations
    • Chapter 3: Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities
    • Chapter 5: Rational Numbers and Equations
    • Chapter 6: Ratios, Proportions and Probability
    • Chapter 7: Percents
    • Chapter 10: Measurements, Area, and Volume
    • Chapter 11: Data Analysis and Probability
    • Chapter 13: Angle Relationships and Transformations
    • Chapter 9: Real Numbers and Right Triangles
    • Chapter 8: Linear Equations
    • Chapter 12: Polynomials


    Grading Components:

    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Daily Homework and Graded Homework
    • Notebooks
    • Worksheets
    • Classwork
    • Open-Ended Problems


    Classroom Rules:

    In this class you are expected to always LEARN:

    • Listen to instructions
    • Enter and exit prepared
    • Always try your best
    • Respect yourself and others
    • No excuses!


    Materials Needed:

    • 3 ring Binder (can use a larger binder for several classes)
    • Loose-leaf paper for assignments
    • #2 pencils
    • Highlighter or 2-3 colored pencils
    • Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS)
      Work Expectations:
    • Homework papers must to be completed on loose-leaf paper with a heading that includes the student’s name, date, math period, and assignment.
    • Math assignments (daily homework and graded homework) must be completed in pencil.
    • Students are expected to have mastered basic math facts (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) and apply these operations with fractions and decimals.
    • Students are required to keep a section of their binder for math. This section should include all the notes and homework for each chapter.  Notebooks will be graded by each chapter on the day of the test.
    • Students will need a scientific calculator for this course. One will be provided for classroom use. It is recommended that you have one at home to use as well. The calculator used in class is a Texas Instrument model # TI-30X IIS.
    • All work is expected on the day that it is due. Any assignment turned in one day late will be lowered to half credit. Any assignment later than one day will receive minimal credit – see me for point value. A grade of missing will be entered into Tyler SIS if a student fails to turn in an assignment.
    • Students are responsible for writing down daily assignments from the assignment board in the classroom or from the webpage. Note that assignments can change based on daily classroom proceedings.  Students are responsible to check for any changes and make note of them in their assignment book.



    A=       90 – 100         

    B=       80 – 89           

    C=       70 – 79           

    D=       60 – 69           

    E=       0 – 59             


    These grades are a combination of homework, tests, quizzes, classwork, notebooks, open-ended problems, and daily participation.  Extra credit will also be available to help boost scores if needed.

    Students are expected to keep a current grade record sheet in their binders. Each nine weeks grade record sheets will be given and updated throughout the grading period. Make sure to keep it current at all times.


    Absent work:

    Students will have as many days as they were absent to make up missed work for full credit. For example, if you are absent 2 days, you will have 2 days after your return to school to complete the missed work for full credit. It is the student’s responsibility to complete missed work on time. It is a good idea to call your buddy or look at the website for the assignments so you don’t get behind. Remember that you can call the Homework Hotline for absences of 2 days or more to request your assignments. Calls need to be made by 8:00am (412-369-5454).


    Parents as Partners:

    Family involvement is an essential element for a students’ success in mathematics. Be positive and support homework, don’t do it.  Think of yourself as a guide rather than your child’s teacher. You can help by asking questions and listening. You can also visit the online resources at classzone.com and encouraging your child to take advantage of the tutorials, games and activities, and other online resources.


    Also, checking on your child’s performance using Tyler SIS is a great way of staying involved. Asking your child about a grade on an assignment is a valuable tool to let them know that you are interested in their school work which helps them to stay focused.