• The Four R's of Great Musicianship 
    I like to keep my rules pretty simple:

    RESPECT yourself, your instrument, music and other musicians.

    RESPONSIBLE* for your instrument, practice at home and completing your practice chart.

    REPUTATION for being on time, keeping quiet and helpful in class.

    ROCK the Orchestra, always trying your best and enjoying the work that you do.

    * The RESPONSIBLE one is the one that students have to work on outside of class.  Parents can help by encouraging students to practice and by making sure that the instrument goes to school on lesson/ensemble days and comes home after lesson/ensemble days.  A few PES/BWE guidelines are as follows:

    • If a child forgets forgets to bring the instrument to school, he/she should check outside the office to see if an adult brought it in for them.  
    • It is always best to take the instrument home and to practice it.
    • Some students ask if they may leave their instrument here, only if they have class with me on the next day.  That is alright with me, if it is alright with you 
    • Instruments are to be left in the place designated for that student's homeroom.  Check with homeroom teacher or Ms. Semanco if you are unsure.
Last Modified on August 21, 2019