• Back to School Supplies 2019-2020

    -1 clear plastic "Sterilite" 6 Qt./5.7 L shoe box with removable lid labeled with your child’s name and 1D.
    -½ inch binder with a clear protective front pocket.
    (this will be used as a take home binder and can be any color)
    -1 pair of child size scissors
    -1 pack of glue sticks
    -1 “chunky” pink eraser 
    -2 yellow highlighters
    -1 box of markers
    -1 box of crayons
    -10 sharpened pencils
    -1 box of Clorox Wipes
    -1 box of tissues   
    -1 set of headphones in a Ziploc bag

    Please label all materials with your child's first and last name and 1D!