Art Room Expectations

How to be the smARTest artist!

  • When students come to the art room, we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.  It is important that all students are prepared to listen to and follow directions, take care of supplies, work safely with all the materials, and follow the Art Room Expectations.  Students will be introduced to these expectations within the first few weeks of school.  They are 

    A- Aim for my best and to do right 

    R- Respect each other, youself, and the art room

    T- Trust in yourself and your ability to learn


    By following these expectations, which we will elaborate in class, we can ensure that all students will get the most out of their art experience each week.  They also help students to embrace a "growth mindset", being able to understand that we are all capable of learning to do the things we want to do and to accept the challenges and mistakes that go along with that learning.