•  Welcome to 4th Grade!


    The following items are suggested for each child:
    • several #2 pencils
    • extra pencil top erasers
    • scissors
    • colored pencils
    • markers 
    • whiteboard markers
    • a highlighter
    • crayons
    • a pencil bag or SMALL pencil box – limited room in the desks!
    • 2-3 glue sticks 
    • a book to read before the library opens
    • 2 book covers
    • 1 folder – labeled Music
    • ear buds
    • iPad stylus
    • 1 large box of tissues           

         All items, except tissues, should be marked with your name permanently if possible.  Please know that you should have spare supplies readily available at home in case something becomes lost.  

    These items are NOT necessary for the school year: small pencil sharpeners, toys, electronic devices, etc.
    Thank you!