• Our "Living" Biography Presentations: The Background Story

    3C students studied biographies in Communication Arts and Social Studies and enjoyed learning about how Ruby Bridges, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and William and Orville Wright have made a positive impact in society.  Each student chose a biography book about a famous person who has made a positive contribution to our world.  Some examples of types of people they were able to choose from included:  world leaders, musicians, explorers, businessmen and women, artists, authors, performers, inventors, scientists, sports figures, etc.  

    Each student then conducted  research on his/her famous person using biography books and online resources to complete a research outline.  Once the research was completed, the students wrote a script for a "living biography" oral presentation to tell what they have learned about their famous person.  The presentation was to be given from the first person point of view, as if the student was the famous person.  Additionally, each student was asked to dress the part and to bring in any props that they thought might add to their presentations.   The students worked with Mr. Matt Heckmann to incorporate green screen technology in order to add some additional flare to our presentations! With Mr. Heckmann's help, the students uploaded images from Google that coincided with their famous person.  After being videotaped, the students imported the images to their video.   Please click on the unlisted youtube link below to enjoy our 3rd grade presentations!  (The links are not able to be accessed using a public search.  They can only be accessed here.)  I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the parents for their support and assistance with costumes, any props, and oral presentation practice!  


    Biography presentations 2018


Last Modified on April 24, 2019