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    Kindergarten Orientation Invitation & Agenda



    Kindergarten Orientation will occur on Thursday, August 18th.


    Students and parents attend this event together during the day. There are two sessions, one for AM and one for PM. 

    "Tiny Tiger Get-Together" Transition Evening: Parent Presentation

    Mrs. Silbaugh is presenting these slides on Thursday, March 10th, at the Tiny Tiger Get-Together, while talking about the methods of communication, upcoming events, and transition strategies to be employed for the coming school year.

    Links to readiness resources and information regarding preparation are included in this presentation.



    Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Garrow have put together lists of communal supplies that will be needed for Kindergarten.  You can order this spring to have your child's supplies ready for them on the first day of school.


    Information regarding school supplies will be linked here as soon as the lists are prepared by the PTO for this year.

    Kindergarten Information & Directory Sheet



    Each year, the KG publishes a directory for the families to help them communicate with one another. We have found it particularly important when attempting to set up carpooling midday. Additionally, the teachers gather information about your child, in advance of their transition in order to plan most effectively for their arrival.


    These sheets were completed at the IES KG Registration during the day. If you missed completing one, please ask for one at either the Tiny Tiger Get-Together on March 10th or on one of the DIAL 4 testing dates, to ensure that you are including in the upcoming communications and directory.

    Kindergarten Summer Activity Log


    To help the students experience a smooth transition into the program and make a quick connection with the teacher, we ask them to create a picture and description of a summer activity, in which they took part. This information is used to foster conversations and to relate classroom topics to the students’ experiences and interests, while we are getting to know them.



    Please complete this activity over the summer months and bring it with you to the Kindergarten Orientation: Tiny Tiger Camp. We will send you a reminder over the summer with a link to this activity again.


    PA Core Standards for English Language Arts (ELA)



    These resources from the Pennsylvania State Department of Education outline the minimum expectations for each child in PA schools. NA aligns its curriculum to these standards and seeks to exceed each of them through our instruction.



    When looking for summer activities and resources, engaging in activities dealing with these competency areas in a fun, game-like manner, would be excellent preparation for our incoming NA Tigers! You can even use social media (e.g. Pinterest) to search for “Kindergarten Preparation” and many creative, effective, instructional ideas are provided.



    PA Core Standards for Mathematics


    PA Early Childhood Education Standards for Kindergarten