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    I believe homework is a very important responsibility for students.  Homework is important because it provides students with an opportunity to practice and reinforce skills taught and prepare for upcoming activities, while developing personal study habits. In first grade, homework is not designed for the child to do completely on their own.  They will need an adult's supervision and in many cases participation to complete their assignments.  The more that you participate in your child's education the more he or she will get out of their education.  So have fun spending time together and learning together. 

    When Homework Will Be Assigned:

    Reading homework will be assigned at the beginning of the week .  Math will be assigned throughout the week.  (This is a new program and I am trying to decide what is best.)  In addition, the district states: “In first grade, homework should be approximately 10 to 20 minutes per evening, Monday through Thursday". These minutes are based on the time estimated for an average child working at an average pace.  Your child may spend more or less time.   Research and my own personal experience have taught me that children who like to read are the children who are read to on a regular basis. 


    ALL HOMEWORK will be sent home on Monday.   If your child misplaces their homework, there is ALWAYS extras in the homework bin.    Homework is also sent home through Seesaw.

    END OF THE YEAR math test will take place the week of May 22.

    Weekly Homework:
    Monday: (ELA Homework is sent home.)
           High Frequency Words - Read over
          Spelling - Practice
          Phonics - Section 1 of ELA homework sheet
          Review High Frequency words and spelling words.  
          Section 2 of ELA - Use High Frequency words in a sentence
          Read Get Started Story
          Review High Frequency words and spelling words
          Sections 3 of ELA homework
          Read Main Selection for the week
          Review High Frequency words and Spelling words
          Practice Test for Spelling if necessary
          No HOMEWORK 



    Student’s Homework Responsibilities:


    1. Take responsibility for taking your homework home.
    2. Follow directions carefully.
    3. Complete your work neatly and to the best of your ability.
    4. Ask for help, if needed.
    5. Return your homework on time.


    Teacher’s Homework Responsibilities:


    1. I will communicate the importance of homework, correct it in a timely manner, and provide feedback.
    2. I will offer praise for the effort children have put into completing and returning their homework assignments.


    Parent’s Homework Responsibilities:


    1. Make homework a top priority.
    2. Create a homework station in a quiet location with necessary materials, such as pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, etc…
    3. Schedule a time to do homework nightly. 
    4. Provide support and guidance.  Just giving the answers will defeat the purpose.
    5. Model a positive attitude and communicate the importance of homework. 
    6. Provide praise and encouragement.
    7. Do not let your child avoid homework or give them excuses for why it is not done.  (“I have soccer practice last night!” is not an excuse for incomplete homework.)
    8. If your child is having difficulty or refusing to complete homework, please contact me.
Last Modified on March 9, 2020