• All parents should be getting my daily REMIND  text alerts after the first week of school.  The sign up sheet for this went home the first day of school.  Please let me know if you did not receive it, and I will be sure to send this information home.!Remember this daily text will be an actual picture of the assignment board that I write on.  Your child's assignment book should match what mine says exactly. If your child's assignment book does not, please reinforce with your child to copy what I write.  We take time every day and at the start of math - before we do anything else to copy the assignment board.

    Being organized and being responsible when writing in their assignment book will help your child later. I hope these daily texts help you make sure your child is doing what they should be doing in their assignment book.
    Please let me know if you need anything. Remember - homework in my room is a reinforcement of their learning.  It is OK to help them with their homework.  I would suggest that you have them complete it on their own first, then you check it, and finally help them fix any incorrect work.
    If your child is pulled out of my room for any reason, I will always make sure that they leave with the work that they missed on a MISSED WORK sheet.  If the pull out was for band/orchestra, they are required to make this work up that night.  If they do not it will be counted as a missed assignment.  
    If the pull out is for something that is related to services such as GOAL, speech, OT, etc....I will still send the work home, but it is not required.  I would suggest looking at it to decide if it is something that would help your child to do.  If there is a special circumstances that I NEED to have them do the work - I will write a note on their MISSED WORK sheet.
    If your child is absent, I will collect all work for them.  Please take the time you need to complete the work - generally the school policy is that if they are absent 2 days they then have 2 days to complete the work, 3 days - 3 days to complte work, etc. .  Please email me if your child is absent and you want the work sent home with another child.  If not, your child will get their work when they return.
    Please use the district form and procedures for this work.  We do send missed work home for vacations and do expect it done upon return.
    Homework Policy:
    I know homework can be a struggle for all families to get done.  I will hardly ever give a homework assignment that is due the next day.  I generally give the kids at least 2 nights to complete their work. The only exception is math as there will be nightly homework.  I will try to not assign any homework on weekends ( given on Friday and due on Monday), but there may be times students may need to work on long term projects on a weekend if they did not work on it during the week.  There will often be things assigned even a week before they are due.  We will work very hard to establish long term planning routines with your child.  Please remember that when they say they have NO homework that may mean that something was assigned, but it is due in two or three days.  I suggest you always make them show you their assignment book.  We will also keep monthly calendars that you can refer to.
    All homework will be written in your child's assignment book by your child. Assignment books are to be signed each Monday night for Tuesday.  If there is no school on Monday, then the book should be signed on Tuesday. This signing of the assignment book does count as a homework assignment.
    Your child will start with a homework grade of 20/20 in each and every subject I have them for.  These give them an easy 100% as long as they do their homework.  If homework is not completed, students will be given an assignment slip that must be signed that night as well as the work must be completed.  If your child gets an assignment slip, then their homework grade will drop by one point.  So if they miss 2 assignments in a subject - they will have an 18/20 in their homework grade. If their homework is not done after the assignment slip, then they will need to stay in at recess that day to complete it.  The slip will need to still be signed.
    If there is ever a family emergency or event that prevents work from getting done, please simply email me and I will understand.
Last Modified on August 13, 2018