•    Homework


    Students are encouraged by the teacher to reinforce the skills at home that we are working on in class. Parents should use the monthly newsletter as a guide for our current letter sounds, sight words, or math skills that we are learning (ex: counting 1-100, writing, numbers 1-20, recognizing coins).


    Students receive their ‘Silly Sentences’ on Monday. Students are to read and review these sentences multiple times throughout the week. These help to review the current letter sounds we are learning and the sight words.


    Parents receive the kindergarten sight words on cardstock at the beginning of the year. These words should be practiced weekly like flashcards (using current words learned and adding as a new word is introduced).


    Lastly, it is most important to find time to read to your child a few minutes each day and before you know it they will be reading to you.  Don't forget to encourage your child to write at home as well.  Remember, the more you practice anything the better you get!!


Last Modified on August 28, 2017