• Graduation Requirements

    The graduation requirements for North Allegheny High School are detailed in Board Policy #217. The Board requires that each candidate for graduation shall have earned twenty-four (24) credits. All other requirements are contained in required and elective courses. For a listing of all coursework available to students please access our Program of Studies.

    Chapter 4 of the Pennsylvania School Code notes that one path to graduation in Pennsylvania requires that students demonstrate mastery of the PA Core Standards on the Keystone Exams. Keystone Exams currently exist for Algebra I, Biology, and Literature. These exams are typically taken during the spring of the year in which a student is enrolled in the appropriate course, regardless of the grade he or she is in. For instance, a student will take the Biology Keystone Exam when he or she is enrolled in a Biology course in grades 9 or 10. The Literature Keystone Exam is aligned with North Allegheny’s 10th Grade English course.

    If a student does not receive a score of “Advanced” or “Proficient” on a Keystone Exam, the student is permitted to take a re-test during designated windows established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students may take the retest as many times as desired prior to graduation.

    Senate Bill 1095 of 2018 made changes to the way in which Keystone Exams must be used as requirements for graduation in Pennsylvania. Regulatory guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education is expected during the fall of 2019. Once this guidance is received by the District, graduation requirements outlined under Senate Bill 1095 of 2018 will be codified in a new North Allegheny Graduation Policy and distributed to students and parent(s)/guardian(s) at North Allegheny Intermediate and North Allegheny Senior High Schools. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) can participate in the re-test option and participate in other supplemental instruction, as determined by the IEP Team.