• Spelling

    Tic Tac Toe Board due on Friday.
    Spelling Test on Friday.
    Almost every Mon.-Thurs.  Look for practice sheets marked with a green (frog) homework stamp.   
     Rocket Math:  Daily practice of math facts sent home on 1/2 sheet of paper.  
    Reflex Math:  (presented half way throught the year):  practice at home on ipad.
    Decodable books sent home on Tues. or Wednesday in a zip lock baggy.  Do the homework page included in baggy. 
    Also, daily reading for 15 minutes.  (Night time is best!)
    Sticker Word Books - Bring in any time your student is ready to have a list or lists checked.  Parent volunteers will check and track the progress.
    End of Year Math Assessment:  Week of May 6, 2019
    Book-It Project:    due at end of month 
Last Modified on May 1, 2019