• Please check your child's assignment book for daily assigned homework.  We update our assignment books at the end of each class period.  If your child is not updating their assignment book daily, please have a conversation with them about the importance of using the assignment book as a means of communication between school and home.

    I have also shared with your student, the homework on a Google Docs sheet.  They have already received their password and user name during library.  If they cannot remember it, please have them ask me for it.  Here are the instructions for accessing the Google Doc Homework Page.
    1. Simply search for ‘Google Docs’ on your web browser. 

    2. Once you have located ‘Google Docs’, select it.

    3. This will give you the log in screen.    

    4. Once you have logged in , you will see the word ‘Doc’ on the upper left-hand side of the page in the green band (just below the ‘Google’ logo).  To the left of that, you will see three small lines indicating the menu.  Click on the menu (three small lines) to get a list of docs. 

    5. Once you see this menu, click on ‘sheets’

    6. You will see the list of weekly homework sheet available.  Click on the week you would like to view, and it should come up on your screen.  From here you should be able to print it.

    7. I have shared the homework page with your child each week.  Please ask them to show you!

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Conrad 
Last Modified on August 25, 2019