• Ukulele Lesson 2


    Fun warmup videos:

    C chord- Row Row Row your boat (Youtube Vid Ukulele Hub)

    C chord- Old Mac Donlad (Youtube Vid Madeline Pots Lesson 1) 


    REVIEW: Tune using Snark tuners / Warm up/ review material from last lesson:

    • String counting up from the floor 1,2,3 and 4 is up on top (p. 3)
    • Open strings going down G,C,E,A (goats can eat apples)
    • Finger placement just below the fret exercise going up 0,1,2,3,4 and next string and next string.
    • Ukuele Mike Vid that goes over finger placement and finger excercise 1.
    • Chords: C chord going to a G Chord or G7 Chord
    • Practice going from one chord to the next.
    • SONGS FROM LAST WEEK:  A Rom Som Som and Best Day of My Life

    LESSON 2:

    How do you know when to change chords?  (p.5/6)  

    • Check the time signature.
    • How many beats per measure?
    • How many strums per measure?
    • How many strums for each chord?

    Hand out F and C7 chords (below are the play along tracks for students to practice along with.) 

    Essential Elements for Ukulele Book C, G7 and F Chord (p.5/6)

    New Strum patters Ukulele Mike
    Hawaii Music Supply- Major Chords 
    C chord/G chord- Aint No Buts (Youtbue Vid Madeiline Pots Lesson 2)
    C and G7 - Uke handout (The More we play together, Mary had a Little Lamb, ABC song.) (Joshua playing  the More we Play Together.)
Last Modified on October 29, 2018