• No Excuses Chart


    1.   Spell definitely correctly.

    2.    Do not use you  or your.

    3.    Correctly punctuate titles of plays (italics), novels (italics), songs (quotes), and poems (quotes).

    4.    Do not use contractions.

    5.    Do not use text lingo.

    6.    Punctuate all sentences correctly so there are no run-ons or fragments.  Connect all independent clauses with a comma and a conjunction, a semicolon, or an end mark.

    7.    Do not misspell the names of the characters or other proper nouns or literature you are referencing. 



    **You will lose a point every time that you fail to follow a rule on the

    No Excuses Chart.


    What you need to double check…



    Good title

    Catchy opener

    Author and title in intro

    Solid thesis, parallel, last sentence in intro

    Topic sentences in each body paragraph

    Quote in each body paragraph

    Concluding paragraph that says something important


Last Modified on November 12, 2014