2014-2015 Diversity Expression Contest
    The 2014-2015 Annual Diversity Express Contest, sponsored by the NASD Marcia Martin Unity/Diversity Committee, was open to all NA students in grades K-12 from November 10 through December 5, 2014. Students were permitted to submit one entry per category in the contest.
    Entries addressed the contest's theme:
    Each one of us is wonderful; together we are diverse and strong.
    Help make NA a place where everyone knows they belong.
    A reception was be held on March 25, 2015 where the Superintendent and School Board recognized the winners:
    Fine Arts Design

    Katherine Hu – FES
    Painting – “We are the World”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mr. Ryan Casciotti

    Anna Warmbrodt – HES
    Painting – “Diversity Portrait at the Parade”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Sundo

    Rachael Dowd – CMS
    Drawing – “Diversity Should be a Part of Nature”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Mayor

    Sebastian Immonen – NAI
    Painting – “Smile”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mr. Hawbaker

    Bethany Schaelchlin – NASH
    Drawing – “BioDiversity”
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Hawbaker
    Writing Design

    Sawyer Wright – MES
    Poem – Special Sunset
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Romac

    Virginia Lucas – HES
    Poem – A Portrait of Friendship
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Sundo

    Alexandria Adams – IMS
    Poem – Society
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Andreas

    Lea Hendricks – NAI
    Poem – Unique
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Hulme

    Jessie Serody – NASH
    Poem – Reflections
    Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Esposito