• Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher

    We have contracted with the Northern Area Substitute Teacher Service Consortium (NASTSC) so that PA certified teachers and licensed nurses can complete one application and one interview to be eligible to substitute in both Hampton Township School District and the North Allegheny School District. Guest Substitutes with a valid emergency permit issued by the North Allegheny School District are only eligible to substitute teach within the North Allegheny School District.

    Interested? Follow the steps below and sign up today!

    1. Print and complete this packet.
    2. Submit an online application through Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
    3. Obtain clearance applications, Act 168 disclosure forms, I-9, and payroll identification, as well as continuing credit requirements.
    4. Receive invitation to schedule an appointment with the NASTSC Coordinator. Appointments are held at:

      A.W. Beattie Career Center
      9600 Babcock Boulevard
      Allison Park, PA 15101
    5. After submission of all documentation, you will be added to Frontline Education's Absence Management Online System.

    Substitute Teacher Rates at North Allegheny School District

    • $90.00 per day
      • Days 1-90 (non-consecutive)
    • $110.00 per day
      • Days 91+ (non-consecutive)
    • $125.00 per day
      • NASD Retired teachers (per current protocol for emergency needs)
      • NASD Part-time current contracted teachers
    • Per diem rate of 70% of Step 1, pending Bachelor's or Master's Degree
      • Once worked 31+ consecutive days in the same assignment