• Electronic Communications & Parent Email Databases
    The North Allegheny School District makes every effort to communicate with parents electronically whenever possible because it is both the most time-efficient and cost-efficient way in which we can distribute important information. The District has two tools for contacting parents/guardians electronically: an email database that is a part of the Tyler Student System and SchoolMessenger, which is our emergency communications system.

    The email database is linked to the Student Profile which is maintained for every student enrolled in the North Allegheny School District. Parents can view this information by logging into the Student Data Portal. Parents should be proactive with regard to updating this information when it changes. To do so, parents must call the main office of the school where the student attends school or the Central Registration Office at 412-369- 5434.

    The District provides notices regarding report cards and interim updates, key upcoming events, school notices, and other essential information from principals and administrators via email. Every student is required to have an email contact on file for an adult primary contact in their Student Profile. If extenuating circumstances prevent a parent from providing an email address, s/he should contact the principal of the school where his/her child attends.

    Parent/guardian emails are used from the Student Data Portal to send information and updates to families throughout the school year. This includes important dates, key upcoming events, school notices, elementary Thursday E-Blasts, and letters from our principals and administration. Please ensure that your email information is accurate and updated in the Student Data Portal. This information may be easily updated by contacting the main office of the school where your child attends.

    SchoolMessenger is the first and primary communication vehicle used by the District in the event of any emergency. All students and employees are asked to have a personal account in the SchoolMessenger system. SchoolMessenger is also used to notify parents regarding school closings, delays, significant health-related issues, and other critical issues. SchoolMessenger offers the option of parent notification via up to three prioritized phone numbers, an email alert, and/or a text alert. Parents must set up their own SchoolMessenger accounts and establish their preferences. They must also update this information when/if it changes. SchoolMessenger is NOT linked to the Student Data Portal. Parents register for SchoolMessenger, update contact information, and configure preferences and settings by visiting the SchoolMessenger website. For more information, please click here.

    The NA Tiger News and NA Foundation E-Newsletters are distributed using the Constant Contact platform, but the email distribution lists are maintained on NASD servers. These newsletters are sent on a monthly basis. Parents/guardians are free to unsubscribe from these communications via the link in the newsletter emails. These publications are also archived on the NASD website. In addition to serving as a communication vehicle, NA Tiger News serves as a revenue-generating project. Local businesses have the opportunity to purchase advertisements in this publication. All proceeds benefit student programs. All ads are screened for appropriate content prior to publication.

    The North Allegheny School District maintains these databases of emails and other contact information for the purpose of sharing important District and school communications. This information is housed and managed within the District and is only shared with external entities that are directly related to the academic programming at North Allegheny. All communications are carefully considered and the District has committed to being respectful of parents’ time and confidentiality. The objective and necessity of communications disseminated are reviewed on a regular basis.

    Individual teachers sometimes decide to incorporate the dissemination of information for parents via group emails. Teachers should give parents the option of being a part of these group lists and the option of discontinuing their participation at any time. This same information can be provided via the teacher’s website, upon request.