• Established:

    • This was the first McCandless school, established in 1860, as a one-room log cabin.
    • The two-room Peebles School (now Colaizzi's Hair Salon) was used until 1952.
    • The current school was established in 1952 with 6 rooms.


    Peebles Elementary --First Grade Class 1951-1952-Teacher: Mrs. Larson

    Row 3: Mrs. Edith Larson, Frank Corbin, Douglas Banks, unknown, Jack Ligo, Jennifer Parker, Jean Krueger, 

                 Sandy Wagner, Cynthia Frederick, Judy MacArthur, Bill Grossman, Rick Santa, Nancy Greenwood

    Row 2:  Barbara ??, Janice Hansen, Marilyn Roth, Beverly Dent, Lynne Gogler, Judy Houpt, Elaine Bartley, Leslie                                   Holmes, Cynthia Robbins,  Janet ????, Janey Beckard, Diane Natalie, Susie Weil, Susie Wilso

    Row 1:  Dennis Barr, unknown, Lloyd Chapman, Bobby HInds, Bruce Carney, Bobby Johnson, Bruce Parsons,  Jim Brown, Fred Kaiser, Tom Kocitch

    Peebles Elementary School was the first school to be built in the district. Above is a photo of the First Grade Class of Peebles Elementary School year 1951-1952. This was a one or two-room school that is now Colazzi's Beauty Shop on Duncan Avenue across from the firehouse.  First and second grades attended in the morning, and third and forth attended in the afternoon. Partway through the school year, they moved to the new Peebles School located on Peebles Road. 

    The "New" Peebles School - - 1952

    To meet the rapidly growing needs of the district, a new Peebles School was built and opened in early 1952 as a 6 room school. It would later be renovated and expanded to 12 rooms in 1953, and to 18 rooms in 1966. A final renovation in 1999 included up-grades to the building shell, such as HVAC and utility services, reconfiguring rooms for kindergarten classes, adding a music classroom and other facilities.

    Students in the 1951-1952 First Grade Class in the above picture, were transferred to the New Peebles School on Peebles Road, during this school year.  Below left is the front entrance circe 1952, below right is the front entrance entrance today, and wide angle below is the front view in 1952. Thanks to Elaine Bartley's father for the 1952 photographs.

     oldenttrance   newentrance   pesold
    Additional Class Photos can be found at: http://www.na-classof63.com/elementary-schools-peebles


    1860 - One-room log cabin

    1953 - expanded to 12 rooms.

    1966 - expanded to 18 rooms.

    1999 - additions/renovations included upgrade to building shell, HVAC and utility services, reconfiguring existing building for kindergarten, administrative offices, library, and computer room. Added music classroom and practice rooms/faculty lounge, multi-purpose room, stage, kitchen and elevator.

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