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    Ms. Tkacik started teaching in 1989 and spent five years in the Philadelphia area as a life skills teacher. After teaching one year in Cherry Hill, NJ in a private school as the emotional support reading teacher for grades 8-12, Ms. Tkacik began at the McKeesport Area School District in McKeesport, PA, in August 1995 as an Instructional Support Teacher. Ms. Tkacik was the Supervisor of Special Education and later was appointed Director of Special Education at McKeesport Area School District. Ms. Tkacik received her Supervisor of Special Education certificate from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Education in Reading and Language Arts along with a Reading Specialist certificate from Temple University and has a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Pennsylvania State University.

    Ms. McKenzie began her teaching career at Pittsburgh Public School District, in Squirrel Hill, PA as a Multicultural Partner Teacher and then an Inclusion Teacher at Taylor Allderdice High School in 1992. Ms. McKenzie obtained her Supervisor of Special Education certificate from the University of Pittsburgh and has a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and Elementary Education from Edinboro University. Ms. McKenzie has over twenty years of experience facilitating the education and development of children and the well-being of families. She has an intuitive understanding of children and demonstrated commitment to their growth and welfare.

    As the Coordinators of Gifted and Special Education, Ms. Tkacik and Ms. McKenzie are responsible for, but are not limited to:

    • Assisting and contributing to the planning, organization, management, and coordination of gifted and special education programs.
    • Evaluating existing programs as an on-going responsibility and recommending changes and additions as needed.
    • Assisting in the hiring selection and recommendation of gifted and special education personnel.
    • Directing, administering, coordinating, and collaborating with gifted and special education staff, building level administrators, and central office administrators to ensure compliance with regulations and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government.
    • Evaluating, on an on-going basis, all gifted and special education programs, curriculum, procedures, and individual student’s needs and achievements.