• Homework
    Teacher Name: Mrs. Goehring
     For the week of:
    September 16-20
    *Last updated on: 9-17-19
     Subject: MATH                                                                
    Monday - pg. 47 ONLY Lesson 1.7 "Multiply by Multi-Digit Numbers"  Parents:  Please look for 3 Math papers tonight in your child's folder.  There is a quiz with a half sheet parent letter stapled to it, another assessment on place value (standard and word form), and a letter on Reflex Math.   
    Tuesday - Update: No homework!  Parents: We did additional multi-digit multiplication problems (Lesson 1.7 continued) today in class on dry erase boards.  Lots and lots of practice to solidify the learning!  The class also learned how to do a 3-digit which was challenging for some children.    
    Wednesday - Mr. Marsh Assembly today - no homework.    
    Thursday - pgs. 53-54 Lesson 1.8 "Relate Multiplication to Division"  
    Friday - No homework.  Parents: We covered Lesson 1.9 "Problem Solving: Multiplication and Division" today   
     Subject: ELA (English Language Arts: Reading, Spelling, Grammar, & Writing)  
    Reading: "Line Drive" begins on pg. 56  
    Writing: WIN begins on Thursday  
    Grammar: Complete, Declarative, and Interrogative Sentences  
    Spelling: Lesson 3: Words with Variant Vowels and Diphthongs  

    Robust Vocabulary: maven, mortified, reigned, conceited, designated, smirk, and exhilirated

    Monday - Spelling - Lesson 3 homework due Thursday  
    Tuesday - Lesson 3 homework due Thursday  
    Wednesday - Lesson 3 homework due Thursday  
    Thursday- Spelling Lesson 3 homework is due today  
    Friday - Spelling - Lesson 3 Test today  
     Subject: SOCIAL STUDIES   
     Monday -  
     Tuesday -   
     Math -    
     Spelling -  
     Reading -   
     Social Studies-   


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