• Dribbling and Ball handling skills


    1)  Students will kneel down and do “type writer’ which is “finger tip” dribbling from A-Z

    2)  Students will do 5 RH and 5 LH dribbling while standing and resting their elbows on their knees

    3)  Students will do 5 dribbles at different levels HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and SUPER LOW.

    4)  Students will count down from 10 and dribble 10 right 10 left.9 right 9 left etc to 0

    5)  Students will demonstrate figure 8 dribbling through and around their legs 4-5 times

    6)  Students will demonstrate dribbling around both feet which is called “AROUND THE WORLD”

    7)  Students will attempt to do “SPIDER” dribbling

    8)  Students will play “Dribble tag” and when their tagged will kneel and do 10 typewriter

    9)  Students will demonstrate; SQUARE UP,JAB STEP, FAKE, PIVOT, JUMP SHOT, REBOUND, LOOSE BALL

    10)                    Students will get in relay lines and practice RH dribble, LH Dribble, Alternate hands. 2 R, 2 L, 3R, 3L, S, Zig Zag, control dribble at half court.

    11) Students will dribble around the gym and play BUILDERS and BULL DOZIERS

    Basketball Skills



    1) Students will practice shooting both right hand lay ups (Dribble Dribble, Dribble, R-L Shoot)

    2) Students\will practice shooting left hand lay ups (Dribble, Dribble, Dribble L-R Shoot)

    3)  Students will start in the center of the foul line and jab step and fake one way and drive the other way

    4) Students will get a partner and demonstrate doing “Run for your life “lay ups full court

    5) Students will practice long shots from t 3 point line

    6) Students will practice set shot from the foul line

    7) Students will practice a jump shot from the block

    8) Students will take 1 long shot=2 points and 1 short shot=1 and play a game of “21”

    9) Students will play a game of KNOCKOUT

    10. Students will play a game of 1 on1 “Make It

           Take It”

    11) Students will get a partner and shoot 5 shots

           and rotate with a   rebounder

    12) Students will work on form shooting following the shooting checklist.







Last Modified on January 11, 2011