• Students from K-5 will continue to develop their locomotor skills with an emphasis on kicking skills as it relates to soccer. They wuill work on their individual skills both in a sytionary fashion as well as moving. They will then work with partners on other skills such as passing, shooting and blocking. They will then move into the stategy part of the activity . They will learn offensive and defensive stategies. They will then do some small sided activities in a 3 on 3 setting . In the last week they will get to play 4 on 4 indoor soccer and  6 on 6 out door full field soccer.
    The emphasis for soccer will be highlighted b the intramural soccer program in gerades K-2. They will participate in a 7 week program where students will play indoor  6 on 6 soccer. Sportsmanship will be emhasized along with team work and fair play.
Last Modified on September 25, 2015