• Week #4- push ups,sit and reach, and curl ups pre test
    Week # 5- Pacer test pre test
    Week#6- distance run(1'2 mile or mile run) pre test
    Special Event: MINI MARATHON  Monday October 4th
    Students will continue to develop their locomotor skills while adding a manipulative(football) They will progress from 1 on 1 then 2 on 2 and 3 on 3. They will develop offensive and defensive strategies. They will start oput by Playing individual activity called "TD OR SACK" then progressing into "STEAL THE BACON". They will finish off by playing a small sided 3 on 3 game of TOUCH FOOTBALL OR RUGBY. The main difference will be that the ball cannot hit the ground in football whereas it can in rugby. They will continue to use tiger tails as the means of being tagged. The rules are always that any activity in PE class is always NON CONTACT. That would translate to no pushing blocking tackling. The emphasis will be on students to learn team concepts and cooperative play during these activities.
    football player
Last Modified on September 15, 2010