• Information Regarding Online Resources

    The North Allegheny Library Department is committed to providing our students with 24-hour access to library materials for research, leisure, and information-seeking purposes. As such, the elementary libraries have a variety of eBooks and databases that can be accessed at home.

    Usernames and passwords are required to access these online resources. 

    Online Subscription Databases

    The elementary school libraries provide numerous online subscription databases to support student learning, including access to the Pennsylvania Power Library. Students can access these databases at home via the internet.

    MackinVIA eBooks

    The North Allegheny Elementary Libraries have contracted through Mackin Educational Resources to offer eBooks. Many of the titles offer special features such as audio capabilities, text to speech capabilities, online dictionaries and glossaries. The majority of eBooks have been selected to support the Elementary Science and Social Studies Curriculums, although classic fiction titles are available as well. These eBooks can be accessed at school and at home.

    EBooks can easily be accessed at www.mackinvia.com. Students will be prompted to enter their school-specific username and password. Once logged in, they will go to the catalog to browse through available titles or search for specific title or topic. To view these resources, students must be connected to the Internet.