AP and Honors Course Informational Podcasts

    For many years, the District has scheduled a series of face-to-face AP and Honors Curriculum Nights at NAI and NASH. This year, this information is being provided as a series of AP and Honors Curriculum podcasts. Students and parents are encouraged to visit this website to access the information. With over fifty (50) courses represented, parents and students will have the opportunity to view each presentation and listen to a summary of the main elements of each course. Each individual podcast ranges from five to ten minutes and can be viewed 24/7 by students and parents.
    Click on the Department Name below to view informational podcasts for all AP and Honors Courses offered at NAI and NASH. 

    The 2021-2022 Program of Studies is now available online as an interactive PDF. The Program of Studies is a comprehensive document outlining the course offerings, course sequence, and related requirements for high school students.  Within the Program of Studies, all courses are organized by Department and also by grade level. 


  • Business, Computer, and Information Technology

  • Computer Education

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Technology and Engineering Education

  • Visual Arts

  • World Languages

  • Video List
    AP and Honors Latin -

    AP and Honors Latin

    Honors Latin II #5603

    Honors Latin III #5606

    Honors Latin IV #5609

    Honors V #5610

    AP Latin #5611

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  • Video List
    AP and Honors Modern Language -

    AP and Honors Modern Language

    Honors II Courses:  French #5403, German #5503, and Spanish #5703

    Honors III Courses:  French #5406, German #5506, and Spanish #5706

    Honors IV Courses:  French #5409, German #5509, and Spanish #5709

    Honors V Courses:  French #5410, German #5510, and Spanish #5710

    AP Courses: French #5411, German #5511, and Spanish #5711

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