• Homework


    What Can You Do At Home?

    1. Read, read, read!
    2. Complete your monthly Homework Calendar/Activities!
    3. Read the decodable books from your Book Treasure Box!
    4. Practice your Popcorn Words!

    Book Treasure Box        I would like to encourage each child to make a Book Treasure Box to house his or her homework books.  Please help your child to make this box (shoe boxes work wonderfully!).  You can decorate it with your child in any way you see fit and keep it at home.  This is just a fun opportunity to be creative and to reinforce the importance of reading everyday. 


    Monthly Family Projects      The family projects are something children and parents really enjoy doing together throughout the year! It is assigned at the beginning of most months and typically involves a particular unit or holiday we are studying. These monthly projects give families the opportunity to work together to create something very special. We ask that you send the project back so we can decorate our halls with the beautiful art work!
    Lucky Listeners         Eventually, students will have a "Lucky Listener" homework assignment each week. This activity requires students to ask four "Lucky Listeners" to listen as they read letters, letter sounds, popcorn words, and a few silly sentences.