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    Meetings = Thursdays in the NAI cafeteria 2:20 - 4:00 PM 
      The North Allegheny Table Tennis Club meets in the cafeteria at NAI each Thursday from the end of the school day until 4:00 PM starting in mid-October.  Come as often as you like; stay for as long as you wish.  We have players at a wide range of levels, and there is a place for everyone.  We also have Mr. Yee, our in-house coach, who offers individual lessons to help folks bring up their game.  In addition to our weekly meetings, we host a school-wide tournament open to all students and staff in the winter, and the annual pizza pong tournament in the spring.  On occasion we compete with other schools.  Those competitions are open to anyone who wishes to play and are in no way required.  If you have not played with us before you may still join us at any time.  Just come on down to the cafeteria on any meeting day and sign in to play.  Anyone desiring more information is encouraged to see Mr. Weet, Mr. Winschel, or Mr. Hannan or to send an email to any of the above.  See below for tournament and weekly results.
    Westinghouse Winter Classic
    Last Week of Feb.:     Champion                       Runner-up                     Third                       Fourth
             2020             Mr. Winschel                     Joe Dosch                     Kyle Demi                Andre Li 
             2019             Mr. Hannan                       Ethan Chen                  Joe Dosch                 Mr. Williams
             2018             Logan Herman                  Richard Yan                  Mr. Winschel              Mr. Hannan
             2017             Logan Herman                  Julian Rau                     Richard Yan              Jack Passodelis
             2016             Logan Herman                  Jack Mo                        Mr. Hannan               Mr. Winschel 
             2015             Logan Herman                  Weiyang Liu                  Mr. Hannan               Matt Legler
             2014             Namgyu Kang                   Kevin Janosko               Aamir Khan               Ning Chen
    Pizza Pong Spring Tournament 
    Last week of May:     Champion                          Runner-up                     Third                       Fourth
             2019             Mr. Hannan                        Joe Dosch                   Mr. Winschel              Kyle Demi
             2018             Logan Herman                   Richard Yan                 Steven Lin                 Mr. Winschel
    Pizza Pong 2017      Logan Herman                   Richard Yan                 Ashwin Cheekala        Mr. Hannan
             2016             Logan Herman                   Mr. Hannan                  Richard Yan               Steven Lu
             2015             Jiwen Wu                           Mr. Winschel               Logan Herman            Mr. Hannan
             2014             Mr. Winschel                     Rohan Yadav                Namgyu Kang             Derek Chen

    2020 Winter Westinghouse Classic Tournament...

    Results are in.  48 Competitors toe the line.  Mr. Winschel outlasts Joe Dosch in a marathon finale to win the Winter Tournament title.  Results are above.

     Winter 2020

    2019 Winter Westinghouse Classic Tournament...

    Results are in.  55 Competitors toe the line.  Mr. Hannan sweeps his way to the Winter Tournament title.  Results are above.

    2019 Winter
    2019 Winter 2
    2018 Pizza Pong Tournament
    80 Players.  50 Pizzas.  20 12-packs of pop.  Serious Pong.  And the winners are...
    Pizza Pong 2018

    2018 Winter Westinghouse Classic Tournament...

    Results are in.  Logan Herman goes for his fourth stright Winter Tournament victory  The picture below tells the tale.  Results are above.
    Westinghouse Winter Classic 2018
    Mr. Winschel - 3rd, Richard Yan - 2nd, Logan Herman - 1st, Mr. Hannan - 4th
    We Thank You, Westinghouse Table Tennis Club!!
     The Table Tennis Club has recently received an unsolicited donation of four fine Butterfly ping pong tables.  The Westinghouse Table Tennis Club, which put the tables to productive use for about 4-5 years, had to set them aside due to the inadequacies of their new location in Cranberry.  As a result, rather than see the tables collect dust in storage, they have generously donated them to our club.  Mr. Edmond Mercier, founder of the Westinghouse club, was on hand Wednesday, Jan. 3 for the presentation of the tables.  We had a well-attended meeting that day, which included a pizza party and an hour of extended play.  A fine time was had by all.  Many thanks to the Westinghouse Table Tennis Club and Mr. Mercier.  We hope to honor their generosity with many years of play in the spirit of fun and sportsmanship.  In their honor, we have renamed our winter tournament.
     Westinghouse Unveiling 1
       The sponsors of the NATTC thanking Mr. Mercier for the gift of four Butterfly tables. 
    Westinghouse 3
    Westinghouse 5
    Westinghouse 6
    Westinghouse 4
          Westinghouse Unveiling 2
                                 Mr. Mercier with players, pizza, and ping pong in the background.
    Westinghouse 8
    Westinghouse 9
    Westinghouse 7

    Spring 2017 NA Pizza Pong Tournament...

    Results are in.  72 players, 60 pizzas, gallons of beverages, and a darn good time.  See below for the winners.

     2016 Winter all
    2016 Tournament Group Photo 
     Winter 2017 Winners
    2017 NA Table Tennis Winter Tournament Winners.  4th = Jack Passodelis, 2nd = Julian Rau, 1st = Logan Herman, 3rd = Richard Yan 
     2016 Winter
    2016 NA Table Tennis Winter Tournament Winners.  3rd = Mr. Hannan, 2nd = Jack Mo, 1st = Logan Herman, 4th = Mr. Winschel
     NATTC HOSA tournament - 2015
    2015 NA Table Tennis (HOSA) Spring Tournament Winners.  2nd = Mr. Winschel,  1st = Jiwen Wu, 3rd = Logan Herman, 4th = Mr. Hannan.
    Weekly Kings of the courts
    February 20, 2017:   Logan Herman
    January 30, 2017:     Logan Herman 
    January 23, 2017:     Logan Herman 
    January 16, 2017:     Logan Herman 
    January 9, 2017:       Logan Herman 
    January 2, 2017:       Richard Yan 
    December 19, 2016: Logan Herman 
    December 12, 2016: Sid Mittal 
    December 5, 2016:   Mr. Hannan
    November 29, 2016: Mr. Winschel
    November 21, 2016: Mr. Winschel 
    May 16, 2016:           Mr. Winschel 
    May 9, 2016:             Julian Rau 
    May 2, 2016:             Richard Yan 
    April 18, 2016:          Mr. Hannan
    April 11, 2016:          Mr. Hannan
    Aprtil 4, 2016:           Mr. Hannan 
    March 21, 2016:        Mr. Hannan 
    March 14, 2016:        Mr. Hannan
    March 7, 2016:          Mr. Hannan 
    February 22, 2016:    Logan Herman 
    February 8, 2016:      Logan Herman 
    February 1, 2016:      Richard Yan, Tony Kim (Doubles) 
    January 25, 2016:      Logan Herman 
    January 11, 2016:      Logan Herman 
    January 4, 2016:        Logan Herman 
    December 21, 2015:  Logan Herman 
    December 14, 2015:  Logan Herman 
    December 7, 2015:    Logan Herman 
    November 23, 2015:  Logan Herman 
    November 16, 2015:  Logan Herman 
    November 9, 2015:   Logan Herman 
    May 13, 2015:          Logan Herman 
    May 6, 2015:            Logan Herman 
    April 29, 2015:         Logan Herman 
    March 11, 2015:       Logan  Herman 
    February 25, 2015:    Logan Herman 
    February 11, 2015:    Logan Herman 
    January 28, 2015:      Logan Herman
    January 21, 2015:      Logan Herman
    January 14, 2015:      Aamir Khan 
    January 7, 2015:        Logan Herman
    December 17, 2014:   Logan Herman
    December 10, 2014:   David Herman
    December 3, 2014:     Logan Herman
    November 26, 2014:   Mr. Winschel 
    November 19, 2014:   David Herman
    November 12, 2014:   Logan Herman and David Herman (Doubles due to high turnout = 85 players)
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