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    Have you spoken in class? Have you had to get in front of your classmates or teachers to do any kind of presentation? See the link towards the bottom of the page to fill in the Google form (Note - this is an out of district form).

    To sign up for the team, you need to fill in two Google docs - 
    The official sign-up sheet and a
    medical form 


    If you join the NJFL and you get 10 points while speaking at practices (by debating or getting rated / ranked by judges), you can start getting points for other activities, too. See this link, and use this link when you have something to add. Note that points are recorded once every two month.   
    Middle School Events - We do not offer all of these but if you see one that you like, we can work within other events to get you ready for whatever you prefer!
Last Modified on October 20, 2019