• What is a quality 5th grade journal entry response???
    1. It has at least eight sentences that follows the recipe given.
    2. Each sentence possesses at least 8-10 words.
    3. Most sentences have different sentence starters.
    4. An inclusion of both simple and compound sentences.
    5. Sentences display descriptive writing: adjectives, adverbs, grade level words, inclusion of spelling and vocabulary words, and inclusion of figurative language  (simile, metaphor, personification) 
    6. Mechanics and appropriate grammar are applied: capital letter, end punctuation, commas, apostrophes, and if you learn it in English class, you are held responsible for it. 
    7. Take each journal response seriously as one random response will be graded per week. 

    *There will be one journal entries per week.  The journal entry is assigned Monday, progress check on Wednesday, and is due Friday.

    *Click ---> Journal Example
    *Click ---> Journal Rough Draft 

    Week of:  
Last Modified on August 21, 2019