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    Our Classroom Behavior Plan 


    Our class will be utilizing a stoplight behavior system. This system will be used daily to help reinforce important classroom rules, while helping to promote a positive learning environment!


    Our behavior chart is actually quite simple. Your child will have a clip with his or her kindergarten number on it. Each clip will be attached to the side of our stoplight behavior chart. Each child’s clip begins on the green (smile face) section of our stoplight. A clip on green indicates that rules are being followed and that good behavior is being exhibited.


    If a child breaks a rule, their clip moves to the yellow (straight face) section of our stoplight. The yellow section is considered to be a “warning” section and is designed to remind students to turn their behavior around and to demonstrate appropriate “kindergarten behavior”. If the behavior improves, the child’s clip will be moved back to the green (smile face) section of the stoplight chart.


    If the child continues not to follow our classroom rules after their clip is on the yellow section of the stoplight, his/her clip will be moved to the red (frown face) section of the stoplight chart. Again, once the child corrects the behavior, his/her clip can move to the yellow, and then, if the good behavior continues, to the green section of the stoplight.


    Your child will have a Behavior Report in his/her take-home folder. This daily report will show you what part of the stoplight chart your child’s clip ended on for that school day. I will include a brief note of explanation if his/her clip ended in the red (frown face) section of our classroom chart (If for some reason your child repeatedly moves to yellow or red during a school day, you will be contacted with a more detailed note, e-mail, or telephone call). Please always be sure to leave your child’s behavior report in his/her take-home folder on the left-hand side until the end of the month!  It may be removed from your child’s folder during the end of the month so that a space is left for the new behavior sheet for the following month.


    Please know that this system is truly is designed to encourage good behavior, as well as to help students monitor their own behavior while developing self-discipline and good work habits. I am fully aware that appropriate kindergarten behavior needs to first be taught before measured, and I assure you that I will have age-appropriate expectations for all kindergartners. I have had great success with this system in the past and view it as an excellent tool to help shape and mold student behaviors.


    Please reinforce this behavior system by talking with your child about his/her daily behavior report. Also, please keep in mind that no one is perfect and everyone may have a “bad day” at some point. Every child will likely move his/her clip at some point and together we can help your child learn from his/her mistakes as well as to accept responsibility for his/her actions.

    Chart Stickers-  If you happen to see a sticker placed on a specific day on your child's behavior calendar, this means that your child went above and beyond at school for that day.  It is considered the "step above" green.  As all children start on green each day, students do have the opportunity to "move up" to earn a sticker on their chart for exhibiting desired classroom behaviors or going above and beyond at school.   
    Table Rewards- Additionally, a reward system in our classroom utilizes rewarding cooperation an teamwork with opportunities for students to earn prizes.  Once the table of kindergarteners has earned fifteen stars, they may pick a prize from our class prize box.  Any prize donations throughout the school year are happily accepted!  



    Thank you! J