Missions: Mystery!   

               Our GOAL sleuths are anxious to get to work!  Among our activities, we will be studying some techniques used by forensic scientists to identify suspects.  In a few weeks, ask your GOALie  about the main types of fingerprints.  Have them explain the pencil and tape method to take your own fingerprints and check out the family resemblance!  We will discuss humorous stories of criminals who were not too smart! Creativity will be highlighted as students develop logos advertising their original Private Investigation Agencies and film commercials to advertise their companies! Solving Encyclopedia Brown Video Mysteries and reviewing evidence to solve Ghost Writer conundrums is always fun and great exercise for those critical thinking skills.  Future activities include our annual Mystery Luncheon Theater field trip, a very popular chromatography experiment and the dramatization of radio mystery plays.  When it comes to solving mysteries, "It's elementary GOAL, my dear Watson!"
    Turkey Trot Breakout Game
    Talkin' Turkey Breakout Game