• NAI Start of School Documents

    Locks and Lockers

    Students are highly encouraged to use their lockers at least every other period.

    All locks and lockers are repaired and maintained over the summer and are in working order when school begins. Please respect and take care of school property. Lockers will be assigned during 9th period on the first day of school.

    Any locker damage to a student’s locker will be charged to the student assigned to the locker. Locks or lockers that are not functioning properly must be reported immediately in the main office.

    How Do I Open My Locker?


    For reasons of safety and accountability, each student must ride their assigned bus home. Students are not permitted to ride another bus without prior permission from the transportation department (412-369-5500).

    NAI students beginning their day at NASH will receive information from the bus garage identifying the bus they will ride to the Senior High. On the first day of school, report to your 1st period class at NASH. Your bus transportation from NASH to NAI will depart promptly at 8:17 a.m. from the north side of NASH. You should ask your 1st period teacher to dismiss you at 8:12 a.m. Students leaving for a 9th period class to NASH should ask to be dismissed from 8th period at 1:27 p.m. The bus departs from NAI at 1:33 p.m.

    If you have additional questions, contact the transportation department or the NAI office.

    School Pictures

    School pictures will be taken early in the school year. Our date for pictures is Thursday, September 7. Information will be coming home the first or second day of school. Picture dates are very important because your school ID is made from these pictures!

    Food Service Highlights

    School lunch for the 2017-18 school year will cost $2.85 (regular complete meal) and $3.85 (premium complete meal). Meal options can include creating your own Salad or Deli Sandwich at the Market Street Deli Line, Chicken Entrees with Oven Baked Fries at the Chicken Central Line, and Signature Entrees which change daily based on the monthly menu. In addition Pizza, PBJ, and Grab N Go Salads are available daily. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are available daily to be taken with any of the above-mentioned meals. Complete Meal = Entrée (Meat/Meat Alternate + Grain), Fruit(s), Vegetable(s), and Milk.

    Physical Education Policies

    All students are required to wear the P.E. uniform during classes. The uniform must consist of a North Allegheny P.E. T-shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes. Cotton ($7) and Dri-Fit ($15) shirts will be available for sale during the first week of school.

    Students are expected to participate in all activities each class period. If a student forgets their PE clothes, they will participate in what they wear to school that day. If their clothing is not conducive to the activity for the day, students will walk the track or participate in the cardio lab in their target heart rate zone for reduced credit. During outdoor units, it is the student's responsibility to dress appropriately for the weather. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and gloves should be kept in their lockers for outdoor activities. Failure to dress appropriately may result in an inability to fully participate which would affect the student’s grade.

    It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all valuables are locked in a locker during class. Students are not to possess and/or utilize any electronic devices in the locker rooms during the school day. Unless previously notified by their PE teacher, students should leave school issued laptops in their locker prior to coming to PE class. Any violation of this will be considered a Level Three violation of the Code of Conduct that is subject to possible suspension.