penguin sci

    North Allegheny has adopted the Scott-Foresman program.  A Big Book will drive our lessons and will inspire our investigations.  The following units will be the focus of 1D's studies:

    jungle sci   Unit A – Life Science  (living/non-living, habitats, survival)

    rain sci    Unit B – Earth Science  (weather)

    sound       Unit C -  Physical Science  (matter, sound, energy)

    sun sci      Unit D – Space & Technology (day/night, science in our world)

    The units are presented and explored using sequenced, inquiry-based lessons: 
    Directed Inquiry (Explore)     
    Guided Inquiry  (Investigate)
    Full Inquiry ( Experiment)    

    Some examples of explorations for the year follow.  1D's activities will include the use of discussions when making predictions and when drawing conclusions.  The children and I will use various materials and literature selections to develop plausible investigations and to extend our understandings of concepts in these areas : 

    • Environmental awareness (April - Earth Day)
    • Cloud formations 
    • Wind                                                                   
    • Plants 
    • Animal Life 
    • Seasons                                              
      Lastly, our class will continue to graph daily weather conditions. At the end of each month we will review our graph and draw conclusions from the data we have collected.
      An exciting year of Science is shaping up for the 1D students!!


Last Modified on July 17, 2014