•  1D's Mystery Reader Schedule

    Mystery Reader is a fantastic opportunity to come into the classroom and interact with my Firsties.  Please sign in with the office to obtain your visitor's pass- don't forget to bring your ID with you!  The office will call the classroom to make sure we are ready and hiding our eyes so no "peeking" can occur.  We are sometimes out in the hall packing up or taking a quick bathroom break, and would not want any spoilers as to who our Mystery Guest is...  Proceed down the hall, knock on our door and you will be introduced.  You will have approximately 25 minutes to read to the students.  Many parents ask "What kind of books should I bring?" or "How long do I have to read?"  Think " picture books" - the kind that your child brings home from our McKnight Library.  A Dr. Seuss book may be too long for these little ones to sit through, but a Pete the Cat or Elephant and Piggy would be just right.  In the past, I have found that 4 or 5 books will fill the time perfectly.  I look forward to many of you taking advantage of this opportunity to join us - even grandparents are welcome to be our guest!
     Mystery Readers:
    Sept. 21: Whitney N.
    Sept. 28: Ashley S.
    Oct. 5: Holly K.
    Oct. 12: Lisa M.
    Oct. 19: Kristen B.
    Oct. 26: Elizabeth B.
    Nov. 2: Nicole M.
    Nov. 9: Debby M.
    Nov. 16: Mary M.
    Nov. 30: Tiffany W.
    Dec. 7: Laura D.
    Dec. 14: Ashley S.
    Jan. 4: Tiffany W.
    Jan. 11: Nicole M.
    Jan. 18: Whitney N.
    Jan. 25: Holly K.
    Feb. 1: Kelly M.
    Feb. 8: Tiffany W.
    Feb. 15: Lisa M.
    Feb. 22: Ashley S.
    Mar. 1: Kristen B.
    Mar. 8: Ashley S.
    Mar. 15: Sue E.
    Mar. 22:  Holly K.
    Apr. 5: Whitney N.
    Apr. 12: Holly K.
    Apr. 26: Tiffany W.
    May 3: Andy M.
    May 10: Ashley S.
    May 17: Tiffany W.
    May 24: Holly K.
    May 31: Whitney N.
Last Modified on February 13, 2019